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inspired by harmony, powered by her

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discover what matters.

hermonia was founded to help women generate conversations about unrealistic expectations and self-sabotaging beliefs. Through the realization of other moms’ experiences and my own personal struggle; hermonia was born.

hermonia is inspired by harmony, powered by her. I am passionate about empowering the way she shows up for herself by equipping her with tangible tools to conquer her world.

who am i

empowerment leader

& cultivator of possibility.

In April 2018, I left my 8 year long career at lululemon to pursue my purpose & passion: developing people.  

Over the last 5 years I led and developed several teams and hundreds of people. I always led with the, “people first” mentality.  Through this lens, I learned how to listen and connect with people on deeper levels. I learned compassion, mindfulness, holding people accountable (including myself), and how to live a life I love based on the concept of choice.

Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness opened me up to being a powerful leader in the moment - even in the most chaotic of times.

As an empowerment leader with a heart specifically for women and moms, I create a framework to meet you exactly where you’re at and help define the gift(s) you want to offer the world.  The process includes celebrating the “aha” moments, embracing fears, and stepping outside your comfort zone. Ultimately, helping align your actions with your priorities.

My job is to help you create possibility and support you on the journey of discovering who you were made to be.


to the woman reading this…

In December of 2013, on maternity leave from lululemon I experienced Postpartum Depression with my first born, Brock.

I went through 9 weeks of hell with a screaming baby who refused the boob. Sun up to sun down, constant blood curdling screams.  After weekly doctor visits and discovering that my body couldn’t produce breast milk to sustain his life, we were forced to bottle feed formula.


Through this process, I became very hard on myself. Borderline hated every fiber of who I had become. I went down the rabbit hole of lies - I’m not good enough to take care of my own son, I am not patient enough, I am not made out to be a mom, body shaming, comparing myself to other moms; you name the lie, I believed it. Because I was so insecure with who I was as a mother, I didn’t want any other human to love on my son better than I could.

Until, my sweet mother-in-law spoke words that woke me up and changed my trajectory. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

I had heard this quote before, but when she delivered it, I was ready hear it. This changed my mindset. I paralleled my experience with being a mother to being a store manager and how I lead my staff.

I realized that asking for help was the first step.

Asking for help so I could better love myself. Loving myself would lead to being a better parent and having a stronger bond with my child. This was the first step in my journey to prioritizing myself.

Through self-care and practicing self-love, I came to the realization that I needed to help other moms who didn’t have my resources. In exposing my story, my struggles, and my small wins… I found I wasn’t alone.

It became clear that there was not a space for women to express these struggles and I was tired of society telling moms we need to be perfect.

The script needs to be flipped.

I want to cultivate a space for real conversations around the kinks of motherhood - allowing truth to be the new normal. Welcoming all women and mom’s no matter what season they’re in. Helping embrace her story.

Teaching women we are meant to collaborate, not compete. Rising together vs. ripping each other down. I need mom friends. Mom friends who want to work on themselves knowing the domino effect it’ll have on her family. It would be devastating knowing the unique gift you were given, died because you never tapped into it. I also want to create a community for women to join together and change the world!


To the mom who feels like she wasn’t cut out for this, or to the mom who feels like her dreams don’t matter, or to the exhausted mom who feels like she’s not good enough;

I am you, WE are HER.



When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.
— Brene Brown