My job is to help you create possibility and support you on the journey of discovering who you were made to be. hermonia was founded to help generate conversations about unrealistic expectations and self-sabotaging beliefs. Through the realization of other womens’ experiences and my own personal struggle; hermonia was born. 

hermonia is inspired by harmony, powered by her. I am passionate about empowering the way she shows up for herself by equipping her with tangible tools to conquer her world.

I’m rooting for you ♥

Jill Petersen

Jill Petersen is an experienced coach and leader with a people first mentality. She was a senior leader and development coach for lululemon where she was able to hone in on these skills. She is Yoga Alliance, 200-hour certified yoga teacher and has also been certified as a Mindfulness Leader through ASU. Over her career, Jill has led and developed several teams and hundreds of people which led to her most recent venture, founding hermonia.

As a leadership and confidence coach, Jill creates a framework to meet her clients exactly where they are at and help define the gifts they want to offer the world. The process includes celebrating the “aha” moments, embracing fears and stepping outside your comfort zone which ultimately helps align your actions with your priorities. Her job is to help you create possibility and support you on the journey of discovering who you were made to be.

Her heart expands fearlessly radiating love mindfully open to
nourishing her inner all powerful soul.

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Inspiring girls to be confident leaders through candid conversations and purposeful action.

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Empowering girls to define themselves in a way that creates endless possibility and opportunity for our world.

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  1. Inclusion: Giving value to every human being no matter our differences.

  2. Authenticity: Is the collection of choices that we make everyday.

  3. Fun: Not taking yourself too seriously.

4. Leadership: Giving you a platform for spreading ideas that work.

5. Courage: The expression of boldness and confidence!

6. Integrity: Is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.